Residential Christmas Lighting

Help make your family’s holiday season one of the best ever.

Residential Christmas Lighting

Complete Design

Every customer of Christmas Design Lighting will have the opportunity to provide input into the look of their holiday decorations.

We want to give you the Christmas design that will best fit the exterior of your home. We will make this a priority by scheduling a no-cost consultation to begin the process.

This consultation is carried out by a professional who will visit your home or business. A visual assessment of the property is a major factor in creating a design that is the best fit. Our professional will take this opportunity to walk you through our products, explain the steps of the installation process and answer any questions. As an expert in the field, the designer will offer suggestions to help out whenever needed.

Once the design goals are established, our professional will create a custom lighting plan that is unique to your property. This outline will include a drawing of your property to demonstrate what the finished project will be.

We will do our best to provide a competitive quote at the end of the design process. Our goal for every project is to make sure we work within any budget the client might have.

And just like that, you are on the way to having a unique holiday decoration setup.


Our crews at Christmas Design Lighting understand that customers have busy schedules. That is why we make the installation process as easy as possible.

A property owner does not need to be home when it is time for the decorations to go up. We come with all the equipment necessary to install your holiday decorations. The only thing we will need from you is access to an outside power source.

We pride ourselves on professionalism and require our crew members to wear uniforms while on the job. All employees are hand-picked and well trained, which means they take safety into consideration at all times.

Our Christmas Design Lighting staff is sensitive to the care of your property while installing holiday decorations. We want your property to remain in the same condition when we leave as when we started. Our products are fitted with non-damaging clips. Although it is rare, we will inform the property owner of any decorations that require a drilled-in hook or screw.

Our goal when installing our lights is to minimize the visibility of extension cords and excess strands. One mark of a professional lighting display is the lack of unnecessary components and excess lights. We take pride in the professional look of our work, and we have the experience to make that happen.
The professional installation will certainly stand out and will be one of the best displays in your neighborhood.

Service Calls

We do not abandon our customers once the decorations go up at their homes or businesses. We understand that things happen.  If anything goes wrong with a decoration, just give us a call and we will return to fix it.  Any corrections or replacements will be performed free of charge.

Our representatives will be around all season to help keep everything looking great.  We want to ensure your decorations remain their holiday best.

Timely Takedown and Storage

Our work does not stop once the holiday season has ended. Many customers are curious when the lights and decorations will be removed from their home or business once the celebrations are over.

We always do our best to get our products removed and placed into storage as fast as possible. One factor our crews have to work around in January through March is the weather. Our Upper Midwest winters can make a removal schedule sometimes difficult to establish. With snow, cold and icy conditions, our plans need a bit of flexibility to ensure the safety of our crew.

As the weather permits, we will remove all products, label and place them in our facilities — free of charge. We will work to ensure your property is left in the same condition as it was at the time of installation.

During teardown, we will make detailed notes of how all the decorations were arranged on your property. Returning customers to Christmas Design Lighting are welcome to change their holiday decoration design in the following year. But we make extensive notes and can recreate a favorite project if the customer chooses it again.

Our goal is to maintain the business of every customer for years to come. So we always make sure to use the same care while taking down all materials as we did to put them up.