Christmas Lighting Products

The best Christmas decorations for the best season of them all.

Residential Christmas Lighting

Christmas Lighting Products

Our customers can relax knowing we use only quality products that will last throughout the holiday season and for years to come.

Whether it is the lights on your house or a wreath on the front door, all of our products are designed to survive winter in the Upper Midwest. Our decorative light strands are always commercial grade products, with LED bulbs that are both energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional incandescents.

  • Customers will have a wide variety of sizes and colors of bulbs to choose from for their holiday lights. We will explain our entire selection in detail at the start of the design process with our no-cost consultation.
  • Customers have the opportunity to choose from many other decorative products as well. Full and beautiful lit wreaths and garland are available in various sizes to brighten any area.
  • Property owners do not have to worry about any surprise property damage during installation. We use professional clips and fasteners to secure our holiday lights and decorations. In the rare instance that we need to install a hook or screw, we will notify you beforehand. Timers are used to switch your lights on and off automatically whenever desired.
  • A professional design is our ultimate goal for every one of our projects. We use special techniques to cover up all excess lights and extension cords whenever possible. A lack of visible wires and lights is one trademark of an expert holiday lighting design.

Creating a quality display is impossible without the right products. Christmas Design Lighting only uses the best materials to make your setup one to remember.