Frequently Asked Questions

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Residential Christmas Lighting

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an insured company?

Yes, we are fully insured to cover any job related injuries or damage to property. Our customers can rest assured knowing we are fully trained professionals. The crew members of Christmas Design Lighting are highly trained and always take safety into consideration while on the job. Customers will not have to worry about damage from faulty equipment. Our lights and decorations are company owned, and we only use quality products.


Will I need to hire an electrician?

No. We only install low voltage, commercial grade LED lights at Christmas Design Lighting. Our team is well trained and qualified to install all holiday decorations. All products are weather resistant and will withstand winter weather conditions.


Will installation cause any damage to my home?

No. Many customers ask if any holes are needed during installation. Rarely will we need to drill any holes when installing decorations. Almost every product is mounted with non-damaging clips. We will inform the homeowner first in the rare chance we do need to install something with a hook or screw.


Will I need to be home during installation?

No. The property owner will not need to be home during the installation process. You will be notified ahead of time of the day we are planning to install decorations. The only thing we need access to is an outside power source.


Will I need to provide any equipment for installation, such as ladders?

No. We are fully equipped to handle any obstacles while installing your holiday decorations. We will bring any ladders, power cords and other equipment that is needed to get the job done.


When will I find out how much my display will cost?

The first step in the Christmas Design Lighting process is to schedule a no-cost consultation. This visit gives us a visual of the property and will allow customers an opportunity to describe the setup that they desire. We will give an accurate quote at the end of the consultation.